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Wedding soon for Takaya Honda and Amy Schwab

The actor had a card up his sleeve for the proposal.

Takaya Honda - Neighbours

Neighbours star Takaya Honda is engaged to his real-life girlfriend Amy Schwab.

Takaya plays David Tanaka in the soap and was part of the first same-sex marriage storyline to be aired on Australian television.

Speaking to New Idea, the actor recounted his proposal to Amy, which took place during the Easter break in the coastal town of Byron Bay.

Takaya presented Amy with a custom-made card from the game Cards Against Humanity which read: “Will you ___ me?” He then provided her with another card, containing the missing word ‘marry’.

“I mean, it’s not romantic. [But] because Amy loves it, that’s good enough reason for me!” he said.

“I wasn’t exactly nervous, because with Amy and myself, it’s never been a question of ‘if’, so thankfully I went into the proposal thinking I knew what the answer would be. I don’t know how anyone does it otherwise!”

Last year, Takaya and Neighbours co-star Matt Wilson praised the show for its same-sex marriage storyline.

Neighbours wedding, David and Aaron, Matt Wilson, Takaya Honda

The actors, who play the happy couple David and Aaron, said that they were ‘honoured’ to be involved in Australia television’s first same-sex wedding.

“I feel a huge honour for being a part of it as a whole, to get to play David and through his whole story of coming out, to finding his dad to meeting Aaron and working with that relationship to where it is now,” Takaya told The Sun.

Matt added: “It’s a huge moment. It’s hard to believe. I still pinch myself. When we see the hype around this episode in particular you start to realise this is a huge responsibility and a huge moment in history. It has the ability to affect a lot of people, so it’s quite a powerful episode.”

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