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Wedding soon for Kelly Khumalo and Chad Da Don

Whoa, we didn’t expect them to take it to the next level this quick.

Did Kelly Khumalo just get engaged to Chad Da Don?

Ok, things just got super real. Kelly Khumalo has just announced that she is engaged to rapper Chad Da Don.

For a minute we thought that Chad and Kelly Khumalo’s new-found relationship was a publicity stunt as it sprung upon us very abruptly, but throughout these couple of weeks, the couple has proven that this love they got going on might just be legit.

Just last week, we wrote about how the Mansoors have shared how much they absolutely adore Kelly, and now we’ve just found out that we might refer to Kelly as Mrs Mansoor in the near future.

Kelly Khumalo

Chad also shared the same picture on his social media platforms. “I asked… She said yes. Love you my Queen,” he captioned the snap on Instagram. Kelly and Chad’s relationship became public knowledge after she released the video to her single, Dance Comigo. After that, all she’s been sharing is her new music from her latest album Unleashed and her lovey-dovey moments shared with Chad.

Kelly Khumalo

We’ll be honest, we definitely did not expect for marriage to be on the cards so soon. But hey, to each his own.

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