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Charbonneau Intimate Wedding and Reception Venue

Our top pick to locate a intimate and historic Wedding around Charbonneau Oregon the city by the river:

1) Affordable Dream Weddings at Hubbard Chapel

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Hubbard Chapel provides an wedding and reception venue for Charbonneau Oregon and the sounding Charbonneau community. We are only a 8.2 miles from Charbonneau we provide a bright clean affordable historic environment that is very memorable.  Having the additional capabilities of providing both the wedding and reception at the same location greatly reducing everyone’s commute time between separate locations, not to mention the big cost savings, this gives everyone much more time to celebrate your wedding and less cost and headaches for you.  Hubbard Chapel is a lovely historic church with a rich history. We welcome the citizens of Charbooneau to our Chapel.

Charbonneau Oregon Wedding News.

Charbonneau Oregon Wedding and Reception News.

Charbonneau Oregon Wedding Venue News.


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