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Average Wedding budget for Portland, Oregon

How far will $23,000 get you when planning a wedding in Portland?

The number one mistake you can make when planning your Portland, Oregon wedding is assuming what a vendor charges while planning your budget. First, do your homework! Below is a list of some of the averages of Portland area wedding vendors. The average number of wedding guests in Portland, Oregon is around 125 people. Remember, the more people you have, the more expensive the wedding is usually!

Here is the average price of Portland vendors.

Dress: $1200

Accessories (shoes, veil, etc.): $700

Invitations (including thank-you’s): $950

Ring: $2900

Wedding Consultant: $2900

Flowers: $2500

Favors: $375

Make-up/hair: $150 per person

Day of Wedding Planning Service: $1200

Officiant: $300

Venue: $3500

Hotel Ballroom & Ceremony Hall: $4000

Catering including linens, place settings, etc.: $6700

Cake: $775

Photography: $2900

Music/Entertainment: $1000

Live Dance Band: $3000

String quartet: $500

Video Services: $3000

Beverages, Beer, Wine: $1600

Some of these averages are on the high side, but for professional services, you want to hire a reputable professional! You most likely won’t need all these services, but it’s a good idea to do your research on the kind of vendors you want. If you want a country club wedding, be prepared to pay country club prices for all your vendors! Don’t go cheap on the rest of your wedding, because your guests can tell when they are eating horrible food listening to bad music when the flowers are abundant and the dress is dripping in bling!

The budget below is a somewhat ideal $23,000 budget, which is the average wedding budget in Portland, Oregon. Also, remember when choosing a prime date, (any Saturday between June and September is a prime date) you will more than likely not get any deals. If you choose a Friday, Sunday or weekday, you can often save 10-20% on your budget. Not all vendors will give you a deal, but it doesn’t hurt to ask, right?

$23,000 Wedding Budget:

Dress: $1200

Wedding accessories: $200

Make-up and hair/nails: $400

Tux: $400

Wedding Invites: $750

Venue/Caterer package/Linens: $7500

Floral/Décor: $2000

Day of Wedding Planning Services: $1200

Cake: $800

Music/Entertainment: $1200

Photography: $2800

Officiant: $250

Favors: $500

Alcohol, Beer, Wine, non-alcoholic beverages: $2500

Videographer: Full service-$3,000

As you can see it does not take too long for the wedding budget to reach $23,000 in Portland, Oregon! In fact, this budget is slightly over $23,000. It is up to you where to spend less and more. Remember that entertainment and a great MC are very important if you want your guests to stay and enjoy themselves. Hire a great wedding planner! Don’t let an ametuer capture the moments, hire recommended professionals.

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