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Rachel Reinert and Caleb Crosby to have wedding

Valentine’s Day was extra special this year for country singer Rachel Reinert and longtime boyfriend Caleb Crosby – they got engaged! The couple announced the happy news on their respective Instagram accounts on Thursday.

Image result for Gloriana Singer Rachel Reinert and Caleb Crosby

“We are engaged!” exclaimed Reinert alongside a beachside pic of her and her love showing off the gorgeous engagement ring. “Never been happier. Never loved anyone more.”

“Happiest day of my life,” added Crosby alongside more pics of the happy moment. “Let’s get married!”

The former member of country group Gloriana toasted to four years with the acclaimed drummer of the Nashville rock band Tyler Bryant and the Shakedown in November of 2018.

“Cheers to four years,” Reinert wrote alongside a precious pic on Nov. 4.

Fans will recall that before Crosby, Reinert had a much publicized romance with Bobby Bones. Now, Reinert’s engagement comes at a crucial time in her career. Just last year, she put out her first solo effort in the form of the song “Cool.”

“I just didn’t want to be too terribly influenced by what was happening now, today, in country music, only because I think that was such a big influencer for us in Gloriana,” she told Taste of Country in an interview. “I didn’t want to be comparing myself to what everybody else was doing and to what was working. Sometimes that just starts to feel like you are chasing the dragon.”

Also in November last year, Reinert put out a song titled “Dark Star”, which further talked about her decision to split from Gloriana.

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