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Amy Duggar, Dillon King’s

Amy Duggar, Dillon King’s Wedding

Amy Duggar

(Photo : Amy Duggar / Instagram ) Amy Duggar

The romantic country wedding of Amy Duggar and Dillon King was carried out in a beautiful farm – and now, the Duggar family’s cousin has the video to give fans a glimpse of the outdoor setting.

The most recent teaser of the nuptials taken at Horton Farms was released, showing Amy and Dillon being all smiles and exchanging their vows. The ’19 Kids and Counting’ guest star’s relatives, such as Uncle Jim Bob and Aunt Michelle Duggar as well as cousins Jessa and Jill Duggar, joined the other guests after the ceremony.

The wedding took place amid the Duggar family’s second major controversy this year, which graced the headlines by Aug. 20 when the eldest Duggar son, Josh, admitted to cheating on his wife Anna.

His confession came only three months after the first scandal, which was made known to the public in May when a 2006 police report exposed Josh’s molestation of five underage girls, including two of his sisters, Jessa and Jill, as a teen.

Amy’s wedding also marked Anna’s first public appearance after her husband’s latest scandal broke.

“I saw her [Anna] before the ceremony and just gave her the biggest hug ever,” Amy said in an interview with People. “That’s when I got the most emotional. I can’t imagine what she’s been through. I would be a disaster.”

Amy also admired Anna’s courage in attending the event, stating: “She was beautiful. She said she’s very happy for me.”

Josh and Anna’s oldest daughter, five-year-old Mackynzie, served as a flower girl.

The fun-loving newlywed said that her conservative cousins “left right when the music was starting” and that after they left the place, “everybody kicked off their shoes” to enjoy the party.

“It went from classy to trashy real quick, which was the best!” Amy said of the reception.

The 28-year-old Duggar cousin, who also comes from a Christian family, does not tread on the same path as her relatives.

“I’m not going to change who I am to have a certain image,” she explained. “I’m the free spirit of the family. I’m not being rebellious; I love my family. I just have to be true to myself.”

Amy also declared that after the ceremony, she will certainly be dropping the Duggar name for her husband’s.

“I’m so excited to take his last name, which I heard is trending [on Twitter] right now, that I’m ready to change my last name, which is the funniest thing, but I mean, it’s true,” she told Us Weekly. “I think that’s going to be a really awesome feeling.”

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